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BOTOX® Cosmetic targets one of the underlying causes of frown lines and crow’s feet—the repeated muscle contractions from frowning and squinting over the years. Your specialist will inject these muscles with BOTOX® Cosmetic to temporarily reduce muscle activity. You will begin to notice a visible smoothing of your crow’s feet lines and frown lines between your brows.

The healthy skin and youthful look you want are now within your reach at the Med-Spa of Destin and Sandestin, with convenient locations in Destin and Sandestin in Miramar Beach. We understand your desires to look younger, which is why we offer a wide range of therapies and treatments focused on your health and skin care requirements.

Furthermore, we recognize the need for our treatments to look natural and have them done in a painless, effective manner. Expect us to complete procedures in an efficient manner that does not compromise the quality of the results.


Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Services

Customized Med-Spa Facial
60 Minutes - $110

For those seeking relaxation and skin rejuvenation! A gentle skin polish and nutritive enzymes are applied to exfoliate dead skin leaving a healthy, glowing complexion. This mild, yet deep pore cleansing treatment is perfect for those who cannot tolerate acid peels and crave spa pampering by the beach.

PCA Chemical Peels
60 Minutes - $120

These safe and effective blended TCA acid peel solutions can be customized for ALL skin types including sensitive, rosacea and ethnic skin to improve most skin concerns such as acne, congestion, hyperpigmentation, melasma and wrinkles with little to no down-time. Our peels range from gentle to more aggressive depending on skin type.

PCA Ultra Peel Forte
60 Minutes - $250

This physician only peel offers 1-2 layers of 20% TCA for severe wrinkling and sun damage. 5-7 days of minimal down-time for flaking and peeling.

Signature HydraFacial MD
60 Minutes - $165
A revolutionary medical grade resurfacing facial using Vortex technology to simultaneously exfoliate, extract and infuse the skin with vital nutrients, hydration and anti-aging serums.

Deluxe HydraFacial MD
90 Minutes - $280

Take the results of your Signature HydraFacial MD treatment to new heights! This treatment addresses advanced signs of aging using CTGF (Connective Tissue Growth Factor) and LED Light Therapy. It is specifically designed to regenerate collagen and elastin production leaving the skin youthful and glowing.

Luzern AlpPure Oxygen Facial
60 Minutes - $165

Feed, rebuild & energize the skin with active BioSuisse & pharmaceutical grade ingredients in clean, pure, additive free formulas. Double cleansing, a relaxing, hydrating massage & an oxygen mask purify & prepare the skin before super charged serums are selected & layered on the skin based on your specific needs. An oxygen infusion follows to penetrate the nutrients deep into the skin building collagen & elastin, increasing cell turnover & hydrating for a noticeable improvement in firmness, radiance & hydration.

Luzern AlpPure Advanced Oxygen Facial
90 Minutes - $280

This advanced facial strengthens, energizes & feeds the skin with active BioSuisse & pharmaceutical grade ingredients in clean, pure, additive free formulas. Double masking, a relaxing, hydrating massage & pressure point technique relax & purify the skin. Layers of specialized, powerful serums are applied before a high-impact oxygen infusion penetrates the nutrients deep into the skin building collagen & elastin & increasing cell turnover to visibly fortify the skin & repair the signs of aging.

PCA Papaya Brightening Facial
60 Minutes - $120

This deep pore cleansing treatment combines papaya, citrus, green tea and geranium to brighten dull complexions. These nutritive enzymes gently exfoliate while moisturizing antioxidants leave the skin dewy, supple and younger looking. Sunburn Relief Oat Milk mask available upon request.

Facial Enhancement Add-Ons:

Derma-Plane $35
LED Light Therapy $40
Dermabuilder Serum $50
Britenol Serum $50
Growth Factor Serum $80
Additional Extractions $30

Brow Shaping $25
Lip or Chin $15
Underarm $25
Bikini $45
Brazilian $75
Back $70
Full Arm $80
Full Leg $120
Lash or Brow Tinting $25
Brow Shaping/Tinting $45

Massage & Bodywork Menu

Deep Tissue
50 minutes $110 - 80 minutes $165

Deep Tissue is ideal for anyone who has a specific area of concern, such as chronic low back pain, tight muscles or shoulder pain. A deep tissue massage begins with lighter pressure to warm tissue and improve circulation, allowing your therapist to work deeper into the muscles with firmer pressure.

Sports Massage
50 minutes $110 – 80 minutes $165

Fast-paced and stimulating, sports massage helps stimulate blood flow and warm up muscles. Sports massage can be performed pre-event and post-event to enhance performance and recovery.

Swedish Massage
50 minutes $95 - 80 minutes $150

Swedish massage is a traditional relaxation massage which helps promote circulation and muscle relaxation. Swedish massage is performed with light to medium pressure.

Couples Side-By-Side Massage
Priced individually based on the massage requested

Aesthetic Enhancing and Medical-Grade Treatments:

$12 per Unit

This injection is used to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe crow's feet lines and frown lines between the eyebrows. A popular treatment for both men and women.

Juvederm Volbella XC
$350.00 per syringe

This injectable gel is for injection into the lips for lip augmentation and for correction of perioral lines in men and women over the age of 21.

 Juvederm Ultra XC

$525 per Syringe

This injection is used to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the nose and mouth and also for lip augmentations and plumping. Great for both men and women.

Juvederm Voluma XC
$750 per Syringe

This injection is the only FDA approved treatment for volume loss in the cheek area after the age of 21. Also can give the appearance of having a "mini facelift!" Great for both men and women.

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC
$525 per Syringe

The injection is used to smooth deeper lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. A popular treatment for both men and women.

$600 per Syringe

This injection is the only FDA approved treatment for double chin and improvement for the chin profile. A favorite of both men and women.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
PRP- Face Rejuvenation $1250
PRP- Hair Restoration $1800
PRP- Joint Injection $550

PRP uses platelets from the patients' own blood. Aesthetically it helps promote collagen growth. Medically it rebuilds damaged tendons or cartilage. PRP helps tissue heal & grow new cells.


Microneedling is a process in which tiny needles are used to create microscopic breakthroughs in the skin. The needles penetrate both the epidermis and the dermis, which stimulates the body to produce new collagen and elastin, resulting in stronger, smoother, younger-looking skin. Perfect for the treatment of stretch marks, acne scars, hyperpigmentation and much more. Microneedling can be used on virtually any area of the body!

$250 per treatment
$650 for 3 treatments

Includes $160 post-procedure medical-grade skin care kit

Weight Loss

Body Structure

DNA Based Weight Loss

Body Structure is the Med-Spa of Sandestin’s exclusive, customized weight loss program. Using your own DNA, we are able to unlock your body’s genetic code and provide you with a safe and effective solution that is based on science. Our experienced and highly-skilled practitioners will work with you to achieve the healthy and lasting results that you desire.


**Package discounts available
*Prices and services are subject to change



We exclusively offer medical-grade cosmeceutical and nutraceutical grade product lines that are based on extensive, proven scientific research and development and are internationally renowned for their proven results.

  • SkinMedica ®
  • Obagi ®
  • Luzern ®
  • PCA Skin ®
  • Latisse ®
  • Pure Encapsulation Supplements ®
  • Xymogen ®
  • BioFreeze ®
  • As well as our own Private Product Line ®

Hands-On Approach

We believe that providing compassionate, personable service and being closely involved with our clients enable us to fully understand their plans. Count on us to listen to you and customize our treatments to meet your needs.

Our courteous staff and specialists will walk you through the entire process. After we discuss your goals, we will give recommendations, explain the therapy needed, and enlighten you about the results you can expect. Trust that we will not do anything you do not want or are not comfortable with.

To learn more about our aesthetic and antiaging solutions, kindly speak with one of our staff.
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Treatment prices do not include gratuities. Gratuities are not required, but are appreciated. We ask that you provide 24 hour notice for changes and cancellations. No shows will be charged 100% of services booked. Cancellations or changes less than 24 hours will be charged 50% of service.